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Please contact us with your specific requests, and we will prepare a free estimate.
Or for more information, call us at:  864-224-8855

Carolina Camo Dip Price Sheet
The prices listed below give you a general idea of the cost of Hydrographics. If you would like to have an item dipped that is not listed below, please contact us for a quote.
For a printed version of the price sheet or to place an order, please click a link below.
**All Guns and Bows must be disassembled prior to shipping to Carolina Camo Dip. We will not disassemble your gun or bow for you. If you ship it to us put together we will return it to you at your cost.

**DO NOT ship items to us that are not to be dipped.

**DO NOT send any firing parts or internal parts of any gun to us.

**To avoid extra fees, please make sure your item is free of any residue or stickers prior to shipment. If there has been tape, paint or any other adhesive or rubberized coating applied to the item, we will charge a pre treatment fee for removal.

**Complete guns do not include trigger guards, floor plates, bolts or ram rods. These items can be dipped for an additional $20.00 each. These items will not be warranted. 

**Scopes will be fully submerged into water and NO WARRANTY will be given. Please be sure your item is waterproof before shipping it to us. We do not offer a warranty for damage done to an item that can not be submerged into water.

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*** Important***
The prices shown on our price sheet  are for InStock film patterns ONLY. If you would like to choose Special Order film patterns please add $30.00 to the cost to have your item dipped.