Below is a list of frequently asked questions, Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

1.What is hydrographic printing?
    Hydrographic printing is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional objects. The         hydrographic printing process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials. In the process, the substrate piece to be printed is pre-treated and a base coat material is applied. A film is printed with the graphic image to be transferred, and is then floated on the surface of a vat of water. An activator chemical is sprayed on the film to dissolve it into a liquid and activate a bonding agent. The piece is then lowered into the vat, through the floating ink layer, which wraps around and adheres to it. After removing the piece from the water, a top coat is applied to protect the design. With hydrographics, printing can achieve full coverage of the part surface, including small crevices. 

2.Is it durable?
     YES! Hydrographic printing is very durable. After the item is printed, it receives the same high quality clear coat finish that is used in the automotive industry. Clear finishes are available in flat, matte, and high gloss. Our process is the same used by major manufacturers. The difference is that we dip items one at a time. This gives your item special attention to eliminate potential defects or flaws in the print. We use only the highest grade finishes to provide protection from weather and fading during everyday use.

3.What kind of items can be printed on with hydrographic printing?
   The hydrographic printing process can be used on any item  that can be submerged fully in water and will fit into our tanks.

4.Do I need to disassemble my item(s) before sending to Carolina Camo Dip?
   YES. Before shipping your item(s) to us for hydrographic printing, you or a professional should break it down and clean it so it is ready for paint. *Only send us the items that will be receiving the hydrographic finish. Do Not send any firing parts or internal parts of any gun to us. To avoid extra fees, please make sure your item is free of any residue or stickers prior to shipment.

5.How long will the hydrographic printing take?
  Our hydrographic printing turnaround time varies but most of the time it is 2 weeks, plus shipping time. Contact us for more info.

6.Can you dip items for me even though I am out of state?  
   Yes, we accept mail order requests. We have a form under the Patterns section of the site you will need to fill out. If you are shipping a gun, please give us a call before shipping.  Email or call us for any questions about shipping concerns or etc.

7.What is the cost of dipping?
   Prices vary due to size and complexity of parts being decorated. Estimates are done based on size,shape and the amount of prep involved in the process. Bulk rates may be available and are priced per item as well. Some commonly decorated items have a industry standard price. Check our PRICE LIST page for details.

8. How much is shipping?
    Shipping is easy to figure out. We try our best to use the same packaging material, to ship your item back to you, that it was sent to us in. What it cost us to ship your item back to you is what you will be billed. Once your item has been completed, we will give you a call with a final bill amount before it is shipped back to you.

9.What types of payments do you accept?
    Visa, Mastercard, Cash. We DO NOT accept personal checks.

10.How do I place an order?
     Please download, print and fill out the order form here and include it with your item. Be sure to check out our pricing page and include your payment with your order.

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